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Fay Myers Motorcycle World

The Formula for Success 
Step 1 -- Tell your spouse (or girlfriend) how great she would look sitting on the new family KTM.

Step 2 --  Visit Fay Myers and see Jason White and his staff to select your KTM.

Step 3 -- Take your spouse (or girlfriend) to the top of Guanella Pass and take her photograph on your new KTM.

Step 4 -- Visit Barry Hall, Razi Molloy or Brad Bogard in the Fay Myers Parts Department to outfit your KTM.

Step 5 -- Trust your KTM to Jered Varner, Kyle Keys and Joel Fraser in the Fay Myers Service department to install your new parts and to customize your KTM.

Only God knows what Jered, Kyle and Joel are looking at.

My new GPS!

My new $$$ saving headlight guard!

More cool stuff!

More cool stuff including Pia lights!

My KTM's new front end look!

Step 6 -- Ride your new customized KTM.


Contact Fay Myers Motorcycle World at:

9700 E Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, CO  80112
Phone: (303) 744-6632
Fax: (303) 539-5089